February 28, 2019
alternative education college

How Alternative Education Prepares Teens for College

Students who graduate from alternative boarding schools are uniquely prepared for the independence of college […]Read More >
November 27, 2018

Faculty Spotlight: Dean of Studies and Science Teacher Peter Tice’s Unconventional Approach to Electives Week

Dr. Peter Tice, Dean of Studies and science teacher, explains how Oliverian encourages students to […]Read More >
June 4, 2018
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Faculty Spotlight: Julie Tracy-Prieboy on Managing Transitions

Counselor Julie Tracy-Prieboy knows that transitions can be anxiety-inducing. We sought her advice for students […]Read More >
May 31, 2018
senior film spotlight

Senior Project Spotlight: Leah and Annilyn

When two Olis bonded over their mutual love of filmmaking, they decided to combine their […]Read More >