Kit Danovsky

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December 8, 2017
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October 22, 2018

Kit Danovsky

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Kit Danovsky

Dorm Parent, Adventure Teacher

Kit graduated with a dual B.A. in Psychology and Education from Mount Holyoke College. However, she believes her path to Oliverian began even before college, as she’s always valued nontraditional learning environments and the unique experience they provide. Kit knows this firsthand; she spent five months hiking the Appalachian Trail after graduation, which was a humble reminder that some things have to be experienced before they are learned. (Hanging a bear bag seems straightforward until you’re in bear country and can’t find a tree!)

Kit has worked with teenagers for over ten years and has experience with a broad spectrum of needs and abilities. She began her career developing therapeutic after-school programming for students with learning disabilities and developmental delays. Most recently, Kit worked at a psychiatric and addictions clinic, where she worked with both short-term crisis patients and long-term residential youth populations.

Kit’s teaching and communication style is informed by the dual values of autonomy and community. She does her best to capitalize on teens’ natural ability to question, and she strives to give them the tools they need to practice informed decision-making. Kit has always enjoyed working with young people and appreciates their perspectives, determination, and resilience.

Kit is very excited to be in a place where she and her dog, Fallon, can share their love of the outdoors and engage with such a unique body of people. In Kit’s free time, you’ll find her enjoying hikes around campus, exploring greater New England, reading, or working on an art project.


What do you love most about working at Oliverian?

Oliverian fosters an authentic and supportive community and truly invests in and grows with its people. I’ve always believed that mistakes aren’t a reflection of character — they’re an opportunity to learn and grow. Oliverian provides the space to do just that. I’ve also always enjoyed working with young people.